You Have Planned for Your Estate and Family, But What About Your Pets When You Pass Away?

By Anthony J. Dimora, Florida Estate Planning Attorney

Let us be honest, our pets are our family, and we want to ensure they are taken care of today, tomorrow, and always. Good news—Fla. Stat. 736.0408 allows pet owners to establish a specific trust for the care of Fifi, Fido, Fluffy, Tweedie–all of our beloved pet companions.

What is a Pet Trust?

When preparing your estate plan with your attorney, you may want to consider including a pet trust to protect your beloved pet family member(s). A pet trust is one option for pet owners who wish to provide for their pets after the owner passes away. Other options may include but are not limited to, contractual arrangements with a caregiver or honorary bequests made through a valid Florida Last Will and Testament.

Who Receives Your Pet vs. Trustee of a Pet Trust

One of the significant differences between designating who will physically receive your pet in your Last Will and Testament versus establishing a pet trust is important. The person you identify in your Last Will and Testament to receive your pet is under no legal obligation to keep or care for your pet. However, with a pet trust, the trustee and the trustee’s successors you appoint in your pet trust have a legal duty to carry out your instructions and wishes so you can ensure that your pet’s future and well-being will be safe and secure.

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What types of instructions should I include in my pet trust?

Below is a list of some, but by no means all, instructions you may wish to provide:

  • Daily food and diet routines.
  • Preferred toys.
  • Crating or uncrating.
  • Grooming.
  • Daily walks and socialization.
  • Preferred veterinarian, hospital, and other medical care.
  • Kennels and pet sitter preferences.
  • Compensation, if any, for the trustee and/or caretaker.
  • Liability insurance.
  • How to handle end-of-life arrangements.

In the end, estate planning is all about planning and caring for everyone you love after you pass, including your beloved pets.

Anthony J. Dimora, Estate Planning Attorney

Anthony J. Dimora, Esq.

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