Tag: Estate Planning

Powers of Attorney Explained

A Power of Attorney is a vital document that should be part of every estate planning portfolio. It enables a trusted family member, friend, or someone else of your choosing to make respectful, informed decisions when you are unable to do so. A Florida estate planning attorney at Woodward, Pires & Lombardo can help you […]

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Digital Assets in Estate Planning

By Anthony J. Dimora, Florida Estate Planning Attorney Estate planning is the practice of managing an individual’s assets if they pass away or become incapacitated. Oftentimes, estate planning includes arranging the transfer of the late individual’s assets to their family and loved ones. Traditionally, estate planning simply includes the transfer of assets, business interests, and […]

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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Estate

You may not realize it but estate planning ranks pretty high on the list of lifetime responsibilities. Often times, it is not the most popular of chores causing many people to think about their own mortality, but it is most certainly necessary in order to achieve peace of mind that your affairs are in order […]

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