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Estate Planning Considerations for Your Growing Family

In addition to sending their children off to school, the end of summer is often a time when parents welcome new children into their homes. July through October are the busiest months for births; and, according to Parents.com, the five most common birthdays are all in September. While this can be a busy time of […]

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Digital Assets in Estate Planning

By Anthony J. Dimora, Florida Estate Planning Attorney Estate planning is the practice of managing an individual’s assets if they pass away or become incapacitated. Often, estate planning includes arranging the transfer of the late individual’s assets to their family and loved ones. Traditionally, estate planning simply includes the transfer of assets, business interests, and […]

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A Complete Introduction to Florida Wills and Trusts

Creating a Will or a Trust is an important part of estate planning. However, because people generally only deal with their own or a loved one’s Florida Will and Trust once or twice in their lifetime, many people do not review their estate documents to effectively plan their estate. Here is an introduction to Wills […]

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