Estate Planning Considerations for Your Growing Family

smiling young couple thinking ready to sign contract making decision meeting bank manager insurerIn addition to sending their children off to school, the end of summer is often a time when parents welcome new children into their homes. July through October are the busiest months for births; and, according to, the five most common birthdays are all in September.

While this can be a busy time of year—and while you have lots to do if you are a new parent—it is important not to neglect your estate planning needs during this time. Estate planning is important for lots of reasons, and making sure you have a solid plan in place provides peace of mind while also providing protections for you, your spouse or partner, your children, and your extended family.

5 Important Estate Planning Considerations for New Parents in Florida

What are some of the reasons why growing families should have an estate plan? Here are five important estate planning considerations for new parents in Florida:

1. It’s Never Too Early to Have an Estate Plan

There is a common misconception that preparing an estate plan is something you do later in life. While it is true that many people put off preparing an estate plan, estate planning is important for people of all ages—and especially for parents.

2. There is More to Estate Planning than Preparing for Your Passing

One reason why it is important to have an estate plan as a new parent is that there is more to estate planning than preparing for your passing. From healthcare decision-making to planning for temporary or permanent incapacity, your estate planning documents can come into play in various other circumstances as well.

3. Estate Planning Allows You to Protect Your Children No Matter What

Of course, acknowledging the possibility that we can die at any time is an important part of estate planning. When you prepare an estate plan, you can designate the person (or people) who will raise your children should you no longer be around to do so.

4. If You Don’t Have an Estate Plan, Florida Law Will Determine What Happens to Your Children (and Your Property)

If you don’t make decisions about healthcare, childcare, and distribution of your property in an estate plan, Florida law will make these decisions for you. Unfortunately, what the law requires rarely (if ever) aligns with parents’ personal wishes.  

5. Estate Planning Isn’t as Time-Consuming, Stressful or Expensive as Most People Think

While many people seem to think that preparing an estate plan is a time-consuming, stressful and expensive process, this isn’t actually the case. Working with an experienced estate planning attorney is a straightforward process, and your attorney can guide you through the process step-by-step. When the process is over, you can feel good knowing that you have taken an important step to protect your entire family, and you can continue to focus on caring for and raising your new child.

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