WPL Supports 3rd Annual Shy Wolf Sanctuary Golf Scramble 2023

The 3rd Annual Shy Wolf Golf Scramble is September 23, 2023, at Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club. Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. is excited to play in this annual fundraiser, and we hope to see you there! To Sponsor or play, go here.

For more information, contact:

Max Costanzo | max@shywolfsanctuary.org
Director of Development and Fundraising | Shy Wolf Sanctuary
(954) 646-9691

Partner J. Christopher Lombardo serves on the Board of Directors of Shy Wolf Sanctuary, and we are grateful to Chris for his tireless efforts to support our community.

About Shy Wolf Sanctuary

The Shy Wolf Sanctuary raises awareness and support for the captive-bred exotic animals that call Shy Wolf Sanctuary home. To date, Shy Wolf has rescued over 1,260 animals and provided valuable educational experiences to tens of thousands of human visitors from around the world all from a couple of acres behind the Smith’s house. However, their current facility has reached capacity and they are making plans to expand to a 17-acre campus.

Far more than rescue and sanctuary, Shy Wolf has been offering educational programs and therapeutic animal encounters for more than twenty years. Educational programs range from peacefully co-existing with wildlife to advocating for the animals that can’t speak for themselves. Additionally, Shy Wolf partners with area nonprofit organizations to provide hope and healing to at-risk youth through their Healing Hearts program.

Shy Wolf is a 501(c)3 charity. For more information, visit https://shywolfsanctuary.org/.

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