A United States trademark is a word, phrase, or logo identifying the goods or services’ source. Trademark law protects a business’ commercial identity or brand by discouraging other companies from adopting a name or logo “confusingly similar” to an existing trademark.

Trademarks are considered intellectual property that aims to protect a brand’s rights in its logo, or however it conveys its brand. This means a trademark is a property right that protects intangible property or property that does not exist in the physical world. An example of physical property is a car; intellectual property, on the other hand, is the Ford logo. These laws protect a business owners’ exclusive right to use unique trademarks, which is essential to establishing their brand.

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The Florida business attorneys at Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. are passionate about protecting your business and its assets, including trademarks and logos. Do not risk losing your brand. We can help you find trademarks for your business and, in addition, help you avoid infringing other’s rights of their trademarks.

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