When to Contact a Divorce Attorney in Florida

By J. Christopher Lombardo, Naples Marital and Family Law Attorney.

Divorce or separation is a life event that takes considerable thought and contemplation. There are many circumstances that contribute to a possible breakup, each and every one unique in its own way.

So why contact a divorce attorney? For a variety of reasons. Common reasons for doing so may be that your needs are not met, the relationship has become unhealthy for you or the children, the relationship has become abusive, or there has been a breach of trust. Financial distress can also lead to a decision to move forward with a divorce. In recent times, the pressure of events beyond the marriage can contribute to the deterioration of a relationship, such as COVID or hurricanes. Going through a Florida divorce is undoubtedly difficult, and preparing to meet with a lawyer may be confusing.

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But When Should One Actually Contact a Divorce Lawyer?

It is unnecessary to have one hundred percent decided whether to file for divorce before meeting with an attorney. In fact, it is wise to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney prior to making that final decision to discuss your circumstances and educate yourself about the process and the respective rights of the parties. Your divorce attorney will help you sort out what documents and information to gather, signs to look out for, how the process works, the costs and fees involved, timing, your rights, and the qualifications of your divorce attorney to assist you.

A divorce attorney can also inform you of the pitfalls and reactions you may expect from your spouse, your children and their attorneys should you move forward and according to your specific situation. Therefore, meeting with a qualified divorce lawyer in Naples FL will provide you more information as you decide about the future of your relationship or ending it, placing you in a better position to make this hard decision.

But What If I Am Still Undecided About Divorcing?

You may even need to consult with your family law attorney more than once before signing on the dotted line to file for divorce. Your attorneys may need to help you understand how Florida Family Law works concerning how debts and assets are divided, among other issues such as child sharing, alimony, child support, etc. By the time you have completed your meetings with your divorce attorney, you will be fully knowledgeable about the process, the procedures, and the ins and outs of a Florida divorce. You should also consider reaching out to a therapist or a trusted religious counselor.

In the meantime, get organized. Keep a list of assets, debts, accounts, and a diary of events that may be important and led you to meet with an attorney. Gather relevant factual information and document anything that may help when meeting with your divorce attorney.

Be conscious of your emotions and how you communicate with your spouse. Refrain from engaging in corrosive texting or aggressive communication. Do not escalate the situation. Also, remember that ethical standards bind attorneys to discuss your lawsuit on a confidential basis.

Connect With Our Divorce Attorneys in Naples

The family law attorneys at Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. have encountered many situations concerning divorce in Florida, the equitable distribution of assets, and child custody and time-sharing agreements. Additionally, our attorneys are experienced in family law negotiations and mediation concerning the outcomes of a divorce in Florida. After meeting with our divorce lawyers, you will better understand what to expect in your divorce case. Contact us today for more information about how to get started. Call (239) 649-6555 or see www.wpl-legal.com.

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J. Christopher Lombardo

J. Christopher Lombardo, Esq.

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