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What is an Owner-Builder Permit?

By Lenore T. Brakefield, Esq. Chapter 489, Florida Statutes, regulates construction contractors and licensing requirements to protect the public health and safety of Florida residents. In general, most projects require a licensed contractor to construct improvements on real property. However, there are some exemptions to this general rule outlined in Section 489.103, Florida Statutes, that […]

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Listing Agreements in Florida: Seller Beware

In a world brimming with contracts and fine print, we have all grown accustomed to simply checking the box or signing on the dotted line. While such practice may be of no consequence in certain circumstances, that is certainly not always the case. For example, those who sign a listing agreement with a broker for […]

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Local Government Law Corner: Code Enforcement, the Fourth Amendment, and Real Estate Websites

Code inspectors require consent or administrative inspection warrants to enter non-public areas in their capacity as code inspectors. See AGO 2002-27. Constitutional prohibitions on unreasonable searches and seizures require this, subject to various exceptions. Administrative inspection warrants are governed by sections 933.20 through 933.30, Florida Statutes. Owner-occupied family residences are exempt from the provisions of […]

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