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7 Common Examples of Premises Liability Claims in Florida

Although we rarely think about it, we all face a variety of injury risks on a daily basis. From slippery floors to cracked walkways and other construction and maintenance-related hazards, all types of premises-related dangers can (and often do) lead to severe injuries. Dangerous Conditions that Qualify for a Premise Liability Claim When you or […]

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What is Premises Liability?

By F. Scott Pauzar, III, Florida Premises Liability Attorney Have you ever wondered who is responsible when a person slips and falls, resulting in an injury in a business environment? How about injuries while visiting another person’s home, a playground, a public pool, or at a hotel on vacation? In Florida, personal injury law includes […]

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Who is Liable for Dog Bites in Florida?

By F. Scott Pauzar, III, Florida Personal Injury Attorney Who is liable for dog bites in Florida? For many dog owners, their dogs are not just pets, but more akin to family members. After the Covid-19 pandemic-related lockdowns began in early 2020, there was a tremendous upswing in people adopting dogs from their local animal […]

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