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When to Contact a Divorce Attorney in Florida

By J. Christopher Lombardo, Naples Marital and Family Law Attorney. Divorce or separation is a life event that takes considerable thought and contemplation. There are many circumstances that contribute to a possible breakup, each and every one unique in its own way. So why contact a divorce attorney? For a variety of reasons. Common reasons […]

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Domestic Violence in a Florida Divorce: What You Need to Know

By Ross E. Schulman, Florida Family Law Attorney Navigating a divorce can be challenging and emotional, especially if abuse is involved. Domestic violence is illegal in Florida, yet it is shockingly not uncommon in marriages. No matter how often or severe the abuse, from threats to assault, victims must take any abuse seriously. Abusing a […]

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Pets and Divorce in Florida

By Kenneth V. Mundy, Florida Divorce Attorney Our pets are valued members of the family. Some pets have been in the family for years or even decades and are as much a part of the family as anyone else in the household. However, in Florida, pets are not considered by law as part of the […]

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