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What is the Relationship Between My Assets and Divorce?

What will happen to my assets if I get divorced? If you are contemplating a divorce, you may be wondering what the potential impact on your assets will be. Does your spouse automatically get half of everything? Can you keep specific assets? How will divorce affect my retirement? What exactly qualifies as an asset? If […]

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Covid-19: The Unexpected Symptoms and Effects – “For Better or For Worse, in Sickness and in Health.”

By Ross E. Schulman, Divorce & Family Law Attorney Fever? Chills? Cough? Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing? Fatigue? Aches? Sore throat? Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea? Loss of taste or smell? We have all become well versed in identifying the CDC listed symptoms of Covid-19. What is more interesting about this virus is how Covid-19 […]

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Your Guide To the Division of Marital Property

Sometimes “happily ever after” doesn’t last forever; and in this unfortunate instance, one of the most intimidating and confusing aspects of the divorce proceedings can be the division of your marital property. As most married couples usually intermingle their assets and make purchases together, the lines of true ownership become complicated. Since all property purchased […]

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