Tag: Code Violations

Code Enforcement Inspections in Florida: Know Your Rights

A stranger in your backyard would likely raise your suspicion. However, if that stranger was driving a county or city-owned vehicle and carrying a clipboard, you might dismiss that person as having the right to be there on official business. That is likely not the case, and if that person is a code enforcement officer, […]

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Who Reported Me to Code Enforcement?

By Lenore T. Brakefield, Florida Local Government Law Attorney Do you like your neighbors? Hopefully, you do, but if not, have you ever considered filing an anonymous code enforcement complaint against them? Maybe you have a legitimate complaint, or perhaps you want to file an anonymous complaint for other reasons such as spite or revenge. […]

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Chickee Huts and the Florida Building Code

By Cameron G. Woodward, Florida Land Use & Zoning, Code Enforcement Attorney Many, if not all, visitors and residents in Florida have at one point enjoyed a meal or tropical beverage relaxing under a Chickee Hut, also known as a rethatch “Tiki Hut” or “Tiki Bar.” Such huts have become synonymous with living in paradise, […]

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