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Changes to City and County Ordinance Adoption and Challenge Procedures

In the 2023 Legislative Session, the Florida Legislature enacted Chapter 2023-309, Laws of Florida. This amendment added new requirements to the ordinance adoption process for cities and counties, clarified continuances of ordinance hearings, and created processes and attorney fee liability for ordinance challenges. These changes impact Collier’s cities and the county itself and will impact […]

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Local Government Law Corner: A Well-Written Concurring Opinion for Elected and Appointed Officials Subject to the Sunshine Law

It may be surprising to learn there are over 40 local governments in Collier County. The County itself is a local government, but so are the three Cities (Naples, Marco, and Everglades City), the School Board, and many special districts (including fire districts, community development districts, the mosquito control district, etc.). All these local governments […]

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Local Government Law Corner: Code Enforcement, the Fourth Amendment, and Real Estate Websites

Code inspectors require consent or administrative inspection warrants to enter non-public areas in their capacity as code inspectors. See AGO 2002-27. Constitutional prohibitions on unreasonable searches and seizures require this, subject to various exceptions. Administrative inspection warrants are governed by sections 933.20 through 933.30, Florida Statutes. Owner-occupied family residences are exempt from the provisions of […]

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