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Who Reported Me to Code Enforcement?

By Lenore T. Brakefield, Florida Local Government Law Attorney Do you like your neighbors? Hopefully, you do, but if not, have you ever considered filing an anonymous code enforcement complaint against them? Maybe you have a legitimate complaint, or perhaps you want to file an anonymous complaint for other reasons such as spite or revenge. […]

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Protecting Your Professional Practice In A Divorce

By J. Christopher Lombardo, Florida Family Law Attorney Most divorces involve the equitable distribution of assets between spouses. However, in cases where one spouse owned a professional practice, such as a medical practice, law firm, accounting firm, or other business, the division of this important asset can prove legally challenging and complicated. Multiple factors will […]

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Steps to Obtaining Florida Residency

Whether you are splitting time between Florida and another state for pleasure, business, school or retirement, there are benefits to obtaining Florida Residency; much of that attributed to taxes. For example, if you own a home ‘up North’ but have a home in Florida to escape the cold winters, you might be better suited to […]

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