What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a written contract in which both parties of the couple agree on their rights and responsibilities regarding their accounts and assets in case of divorce or death. Considering a prenuptial agreement before even getting married can seem like you are betting against your own relationship, but that is not the case. On the contrary, discussing a prenuptial agreement can open the door for necessary conversations about money. In addition, studies show that couples who have prenuptial agreements actually have a lower divorce rate.

Why Do You Need a Prenup?

The most common reason to get a prenuptial agreement is to prepare in case of divorce or death, but the process of getting the agreement can prepare your marriage for a stronger future. Discussing complex topics like money, debts, savings goals and overall attitudes about finances can help you understand your partner’s views and priorities before you even walk down the aisle. The conversations around a prenuptial agreement may be challenging to begin with, but in the long run, it can open that line of communication and make your relationship stronger. Divorce attorneys in Naples can help with prenuptial agreements. If you are looking for a Naples divorce attorney, Woodward Pires & Lombardo would be happy to help.

What is a Postnuptial Agreement?

Postnuptial agreements are virtually the same as prenuptial agreements, except the two parties have already tied the knot. Postnuptial agreements can also be more expensive because any marital assets must be considered, not just personal assets, as in a prenuptial agreement. So, if you are looking for a matrimonial lawyer in Naples FL, look no further than Woodward Pires & Lombardo. We would be happy to help you draft either an effective prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

Why Use an Attorney for Your Prenuptial Agreement?

For a prenuptial agreement, what are some reasons to contact family law attorneys in Naples, Florida? First, if you are entering into a marriage and one or both parties have already been previously married or have children, it is wise to have a prenuptial agreement. Furthermore, an individual who has already been through a divorce likely knows what a headache it is to deal with the assets and responsibilities of not having a prenuptial agreement. These individuals will probably want to avoid that stressful situation in the future. If one or both parties already have children, it is wise to protect the children’s financial assets from the previous marriage or an inheritance they received. Finally, if there were to be a death in the family, a prenuptial agreement could prevent a fight over a Will.

In addition, if one party of the couple is wealthier than the other or if one party has more debt than the other, a prenuptial agreement could protect everyone in both scenarios. A prenuptial agreement can ensure that no one in the couple is marrying for money, only for love. In the case of debt, if one person in the couple has an obligation, whether it is kept secret from their partner or not, a prenuptial agreement will protect the other part of the couple from becoming responsible for that debt.

Protect Your Assets

Contact Woodward Pires & Lombardo, P.A., family law attorneys in Naples, Florida, to help you get ahead of these issues and others when it comes to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. If you want to protect your assets, your wealth, your children and their inheritances, or your business, it is best to contact a divorce or family attorney for a prenup or postnup. As family law attorneys in Naples FL, we would be happy to assist you with all your Florida legal needs in this area. Call (239) 649-6555 or see www.wpl-legal.com.

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