The family law attorneys at Woodward, Pires & Lombardo, P.A. are experienced in handling paternity matters regarding child support. Paternity law involves the legal recognition of a child’s biological father, typically established through genetic testing. For example, when a child’s paternity is in question, or denied by the father, the mother may file a paternity suit against the alleged father to obtain child support.

Establishing Paternity in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Revenue:

After the child’s birth and any time until the child reaches age 18, the mother and child’s father can establish paternity if they fill out and sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity form (Form DH-432). Both parents must fill out and sign this form in the presence of two witnesses or a notary public.

How Do I Establish Paternity for my Child in Florida?

  • At Birth in the Hospital
  • By Legitimation or Acknowledgement
  • By Court Order

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