Comprehensive Plan Amendments and Re-Zoning in Florida

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As Florida land use and zoning attorneys, we assist clients with various local government regulations concerning land uses. Land use planning in Florida has two major components that work together as one cohesive regulatory system: comprehensive plans and zoning.

Comprehensive Plans

Local governments in Florida are required by Florida law to enact comprehensive plans that, among other things, regulate future land uses. Often, this document is a long-range planning tool. Amending this document is a legislative function of local government. By Statute, this process is to set forth the “principles, guidelines, standards, and strategies for the orderly and balanced future economic, social, physical, environmental, and fiscal development of the area that reflects community commitments to implement the plan and its elements.” § 163.3177, Fla. Stat. While many jurisdictions refer to this document as a comprehensive plan, some refer to it as a growth management plan.

Zoning Codes in Florida

Local governments in Florida may further implement a zoning code. A zoning code sets forth the precise uses that may take place on any given piece of land. Importantly, zoning regulations must be consistent with the local government’s comprehensive plan. Accordingly, any rezone must also be consistent with a local government’s comprehensive plan; otherwise, a comprehensive plan amendment will be required in addition to a rezone. Rezonings are quasi-judicial proceedings.

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